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Aruba Red was featured in the The Music Connection
feature in the N8 Communicator Magazine


Morning Star

Live review of Aruba Red and Friends
11th March 2020

Niji Magazine

Online review 
Niji Magazine called Shadow Work 'a beautifully produced body of work featuring Aruba’s distinctive vocals supported by a cast of incredibly talented musicians'

Pauze Radio

Online review 
Steve Topple, reviewing for Pauze Radio called Shadow Work 'another triumphant release from Red. Musically progressive, it takes styles that have come before it and drives them into new territory, creating a thoroughly modern, Neo Soul sound. '

Penny Black Music 

Online review of Blue
‘Blue’ changes something personal and painful into a shared and transformative experience. Despite the subject matter, there is a very positive feel to this latest work by Aruba Red.


At The Barrier

'Why I Love...' feature written by Aruba Red 

Spiral Earth

4 **** review for Shadow Work


Shadow Work Review

There are shades of Kate Bush in the phrasing of a few of the vocal breaks, and you may not be able to lose that thought as you listen through. Other influences are less obvious. If you really want to put it in a box, this is probably a work of 'progressive jazz blues hip hop', although 'alternative' would probably do.

Northern Sky

4 star review for Shadow Work 

Listening to these songs can fill you with sadness, but at the same time, a good deal of hopeful optimism.

At The Barrier

Review of Shadow Work 

Aruba Red has created a great selection of songs on Shadow Work that can comfort, console, and give hope to anyone. Licks of Erykah Badu, Prince, Nitin Sawhney (a mentor to Aruba Red) and Portishead all coalesce to make a delightful mix.